CML Microsystems Plc (CML) is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange, headquartered in the UK and operating with a global presence. CML develops mixed-signal, RF and Microwave semiconductors for global communications markets.

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The Group utilises a combination of in-house expertise and outsourced manufacturing and has trading operations in Europe, the Far East and the Americas. CML targets niche markets with strong growth profiles and high barriers to entry. It has secured a diverse, blue chip customer base, including some of the world’s leading communications equipment providers and industrial product manufacturers.

The spread of its customers and products significantly insulates the business from the cyclicality usually associated with the consumer side of the semiconductor industry. Growth in its end markets is being driven by factors such as the endless appetite for data to be transmitted faster and more securely in the commercial and industrial sectors, the upgrading of telecoms infrastructure around the world and the growing prevalence of private commercial communications networks for voice and/or data communications linked to the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

Semiconductor solutions are targeted predominantly at Wireless Communications applications demanding high reliability and durability.

The Group is cash-generative, with a strong, asset-backed balance sheet and a net cash position.

Group strategy

Our strategic environment:
In today’s connected world, there is a need to transmit and receive ever greater amounts of data, more quickly and reliably.  We engage with our suppliers, customers and partners to fulfil this need.

Group strategy:
The Group’s strategy is to deliver technologically innovative market-leading solutions through timely & effective market research and engineering development, focussing our resources effectively to enhance our customer relationships.

We seek to expand our total addressable market through existing customer proliferation and new customer adoption in current and adjacent market areas.


We have three key principles behind executing our strategy:

Technical innovation, through our continuing focus on R&D development, is a fundamental contributor to the Group’s success.

We strive to embed quality in every area of the business and everything we do.

We have an established and enviable reputation for dealing with our customers, many of which are ‘blue-chip’ names we have partnered with for many years, often at the engineer-to-engineer level backed by a thorough system knowledge.