Competitive Advantage

The Group’s wide-ranging skills, diversified technology portfolio and systems-level understanding, coupled with market-leading functionality and an extensive selling network are key factors in the Group’s success.

Superior performance for targeted application areas
  • High performance RF and microwave products, mixed-signal baseband/modem processors

  • ‘Off the shelf’ integrated circuits for focused niche application areas
  • Integrates many engineer-years of hardware and software development
  • Reduces the development cycle for the customer

Proprietary Intellectual Property (IP)
  • We have full control of the functionality and subsequent partitioning of silicon and software: this means we can deliver the optimum design mix for a specific target application
  • Through our depth of experience, we have extensive overall “system” knowledge, irrespective of our ‘component’ supplier status
  • Proprietary silicon & software developments produce internal IP that does not attract third-party royalty payments

High-levels of customer design-in support and service
  • We are viewed as a one-stop shop for support with hardware, software and system expertise; often regarded as an extension of the customer’s own engineering team
  • We have the ability to provide backwards compatibility for customer-developed legacy systems
  • We have key relationships with complementary integrated circuit providers

Customer relationships
  • We enjoy high levels of trust with our customers
  • This translates and promotes long-term relationships
  • Through repeat design-wins, we have upsell opportunities
  • Many of our customers are multi-national ‘blue-chip’ companies
  • We have extensive, established global routes to market

Focus on research and development and scalability
  • Multi-year investment in the business, along with normal levels of R&D refresh, has significantly expanded our pipeline of products and total addressable market
  • Design is supported by a mixture of in-house and outsourced assembly and test
  • Majority of manufacturing is outsourced, thus providing scalability for the business