Solid foundations

CML Microsystems Plc was founded in 1968 in the United Kingdom and has grown steadily with an increasing focus on industrial applications within its end markets.

CML Microsystems Plc was founded in 1968 in the United Kingdom (as Consumer Microcircuits Limited) and through the 1970’s grew steadily with an increasing focus on industrial applications within communications end markets. Its shares were listed on the Unlisted Securities Market (USM) in 1984 with a move to the main market of the London Stock Exchange in 1996. Today, through business units located in the UK, Asia and the USA, the Group designs, develops and markets a range of semiconductors (integrated circuits or IC’s) for global industrial and commercial applications, predominantly within wireless communications market areas. Throughout this history, and through its extensive global reach, the Group has built an enviable reputation for high quality and reliability with its customers, many of which are household names and/or market leading organisations.

Exit of Storage division

CML Microsystems Plc announces that it has completed the disposal of Hyperstone, the Group's storage division.


Acquisition of PRFI Ltd

CML Microsystems Plc acquires Plextek RFI Ltd ("PRFI"), a UK-based design house specialising in the design and development of RFICs, MMICs and microwave/mmWave modules.


West Coast Orange County office in California

The Group opens an office in Mission Viejo, California, proximate to many existing and potential West Coast US customers.


Acquisition of Sicomm Technologies

CML Microsystems Plc acquires China-based Wuxi Sicomm Technologies Ltd ("Sicomm") and affiliated companies. Founded in 2003, Sicomm is a fabless semiconductor company and solutions provider specialising in the development of integrated baseband processors and RF semiconductors for global wireless communication markets. Sicomm has approximately 30 employees and is headquartered in Wuxi, China, with offices in Shanghai and Quanzhou.


Formation of design centre in Sheffield

CML Microsystems Plc’s operating business CML Microcircuits establishes an RF and mixed-signal semiconductor design engineering team in Sheffield, England. The experienced design team operates as an extension of the existing Essex-based engineering department and their complementary skills in developing highly integrated CMOS system on chip solutions for wireless applications enhance and expand upon the Group's current capabilities.


Exit of Equipment segment

The Group successfully exits the Radio Data Technology (RDT) equipment business, completed on schedule and at minimum cost, leaving the Group as a pure-play fabless semiconductor business.


Formation of Hyperstone USA

Hyperstone establishes a US subsidiary, headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to expand its presence and sales in the Americas.


Acquisition of Hyperstone GmbH

CML Microsystems acquires Hyperstone, a fabless semiconductor company founded in 1990 and headquartered in Konstanz, Germany. One of the pioneers in the flash memory controller business, Hyperstone provides flash memory controller microchips for a comprehensive portfolio of interfaces and supplies flash controller firmware complementary to these controllers, being customized for each flash and application. Industry-leading partners provide world-class wafer subcontracting, packaging, and testing services. Hyperstone’s success is based on its proprietary 32-Bit RISC processor, optimized for flash handling applications. It owns several patents for flash handling, including wear leveling algorithms and microprocessor design.


Formation of Hyperstone Taiwan

Hyperstone establishes its Taiwan subsidiary to represent its design and manufacturing interests and leverage its sales in the Far East.


Formation of Systems Group

Specialising in DSP software and RF design, solutions developed by engineers for engineers.