CML Microsystems Plc was founded in 1968 in the United Kingdom (as Consumer Microcircuits Limited). Today, through main business units located in the UK, Germany and China, the Group predominantly designs, manufactures and markets a range of semiconductors (integrated circuits or IC’s) for global industrial and commercial applications within the communications and solid state data storage market areas.

Headquartered in Essex, UK, CML employs approximately 210 personnel worldwide. The company operates a ‘fabless’ semiconductor model (outsources silicon wafer fabrication) and performs IC assembly and test functions at owned facilities in the UK and through subcontractors around the globe.

CML operates sales and technical support offices in the UK, Germany, USA, China, Singapore and Taiwan and is supported by a global network of distributors and manufacturer's representatives.

Long recognized as an innovator in semiconductor products, CML has achieved a leading position in mixed-signal (combined analogue & digital) circuit design and supply to many of the major electronic equipment manufacturers around the world. Originating from the development of high-performance baseband and signaling devices during the 1970’s and 80’s, the Group has significant experience in producing IC’s for applications that demand class-leading quality, performance and battery life while offering the right level of integration at commercially competitive prices. The Company maintains and enhances its market position by delivering a constant stream of new products that are often designed in conjunction with customers' specifications and/or complex international standards.

The guiding principle is to leverage many man-years of IC design and application experience to produce a semiconductor ‘solution’ that performs the right blend of key functions within the customers’ end-product and significantly enhances their ability to be successful.

Corporate Mission

“be the first choice key-component supplier within our chosen end-markets”



Market Focus

Today, Group semiconductor products focus on three main application areas within the global semiconductor market:-

  • Wireless

IC’s covering voice, data, signaling and radio frequency (RF) requirements within established and emerging markets for military communications, professional radio (PMR/LMR), satellite communications, marine radio, leisure radio, paging and voice security application areas.

  • Storage

Flash controller IC’s for use within Solid State Drive products (SSD’s) including embedded SSD’s, standard form factor SSD’s and removabIe memory card formats (CompactFlash, SD & MMC).

  • Wireline Telecom

Voice, data and signaling IC’s predominantly for ‘wired’ telephony applications and ‘gateway’ applications where traditional telephony infrastructure converges with digital and wireless applications.

The Group’s wide-ranging design skills, diversified technology portfolio and system-level understanding, coupled with market leading product functionality and an extensive selling network are key factors in the Company’s future success.